R1200GS Portrait 1 2010

Growing up with an artist for a father, my sister and I had to attend not church on Sunday, but art galleries and museums. My favorite was the Legion of Honor, in San Francisco, because I could race around outside and climb trees. Art, in the traditional sense, seemed so slow. About the mid sixties, I became aware of photography, which had always been given short shrift in our household, but it seemed more immediate, which appealed to me immensely.

My first camera was a Zeiss Ikon, handed down to me by my father, one that he had carried with him in the South Pacific during WWII. Since then, I have had a succession of different cameras, culminating in the Nikon digital camera which I am now using. I had always maintained a chemical darkroom, but in spite of the magic of an image forming itself on blank paper immersed in developer, I preferred the actual shooting of the image over darkroom work. You get to be outside, framing your subject matter into tidy little rectangles. You don't have to work in the DARK!

In the end, the museums and galleries paid off, because I gained an appreciation of fine art, and it has given me an eclectic perspective when it comes to visualizing an image. The digital darkroom has improved my attitude towards post production, but my greatest joy is still in the making of the picture, on location somewhere.

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